Cosmetic Facial Procedures


injections relax the muscles to smooth out dynamic wrinkles, those that appear with muscles of facial expression, an improve the appearance of worry lines, frown lines, laugh lines, crow's feet and forehead wrinkling. This approved drug injection also known as "cosmetic denervation" will not improve sagging skin, wrinkling due to aging and/or sun-damaged skin.

Brow & Forehead Lift

can smooth out the wrinkles and correct drooping brows and heavy lids to provide a younger, more rested, friendlier appearance.

Genioplasty (chin augmentation/reduction)

is a jaw procedure where the chin bone is surgically cut, shaped and moved forward or backward to provide you with a more subtle or stronger chin depending on the patient's desire without the need of placing any facial implants.

Facial Implants (cheek/chin/jowl/mandibular)

have proven to provide a safe, predictable, low-cost, low-risk cosmetic surgical procedure. Facial Implants are made of non-toxic materials such as solid silicone or porous polyethylene and are designed specifically for placement in various facial anatomic areas for augmentation and reshaping. Facial implants can also be used to achieve better facial balance, harmony and definition, and in some cases help restore sagging midfacial tissue contours.

Eye Lid Surgery (blepharoplasty)

is performed to correct sagging eyelids, remove fatty pouches beneath the eyes and remove excess skin from Upper and Lower eyelids to tighten tissue.

Lipoinjection/Fat Transfer (lip augmentation)

Liposuctioning the patient's own fat from another part of the body such as the abdomen and depositing underneath the skin along the path of the folds or depression in areas where filler materials are needed or wanted such as lips and labial folds can provide a natural form of augmentation without the use of non-human filler materials.

Liposuction or Suction-Assisted Lipectomy

involves the removal of a collection of fat cells from beneath the skin by the use of aspiration through specialized cannulas. This surgery will attempt to treat and correct the appearance of localized areas of the face such as cheeks, chin, jowls, and neck. Liposuction is not a substitute for weight reduction, nor is it a cure for obesity. It is a surgical technique suitable only for selected patients.

Laser Skin Resurfacing (wrinkle reduction/removal)

is designed to remove superficial wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead and cheeks seen with aging, sun-damaged or facial scars. Fine lines and wrinkles are removed, while the deeper frown lines and grooves are softened. The laser precisely removes the outer layer of skin. As the skin heals, the new skin reveals a softer, smoother, more youthful appearance. The full effect of the treatment develops over a few months following the procedure and can be expected to last for several years. We are proud to offer laser in-office surgical procedures, performed with the latest, most modern, superpulsed CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) laser and computer generated scanners to rejuvenate the skin and remove unwanted wrinkles from the face and neck to give you a revitalizing, more youthful look. In addition, laser surgery is also routinely used during blepharoplasty, forehead lift and rhytidectomy procedures.

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)

is the reshaping of the nose both internally and externally to improve its appearance and/or reduce breathing problems. The improvement of the shape, size and position of tissues in your nose can be achieve by raising or redefining the nose tip, removing the hump, or narrowing the bridge.

Rhytidectomy (face lift)

Wrinkles, sagging skin, laxity in the jowls and neck begin to appear after years of exposure to the harsh elements, facial expression and the natural aging process. It is these areas that a face lift will be most effective. A face lift provides an overall lift to the lower face by tightening loose skin in the jowls, neck and jaw line and also providing a small lift in the middle facial region in the cheek area. During surgery, skin and underlying tissues are lifted, repositioned and sometimes cut. Generally, liposuction is also performed with the facelift procedure to accentuate the jaw and cheek anatomy.

Besides the traditional cosmetic procedures mentioned above and shown below, Dr. Díaz also has performed many surgeries of the underlying facial bone structure, also known as orthognathic surgery (see Corrective Jaw Surgery Section). These procedures are performed in conjunction with any of the above procedures to correct facial asymmetries and/or deficiencies of the cheeks, orbits and jaws to enhance the overall cosmetic result.

We expect that your consult with Dr. Díaz will educate you and inform you as to the possible treatment alternatives and realistic goals of facial cosmetic surgery. We feel it is imperative and essential for a successful cosmetic outcome that you fully convey to the doctor the reasons why you are seeking surgery and what results you anticipate and expect as a result from this surgery. Our goal is to help you understand what can be achieved and to deliver the most pleasing cosmetic result possible.

If you continue to suffer from pain in the joint that are refractory to splint therapy and non-surgical management, please don't hesitate to call us; we will be glad to evaluate the surgical adjuncts and alternatives to provide you patients with improved function with the best possible results.