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Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery as it is medically known, is a reconstructive facial procedure(s) performed to align jaws, facial bones and the bite which have developed in an asymmetrical, disproportionate growth and in an asynchronous manner causing a poor bite (malocclusion), difficulty chewing and generally facial disharmony. The problem starts developing in young teenagers and it might not fully manifest itself until the person stops growing. The treatment almost always also involves the need of orthodontic treatment (braces) to insure the bite is perfectly aligned. The surgical procedure(s) are generally performed once the individuals are completed with their facial and jaw development, and the whole treatment process which includes both the surgical and orthodontic treatment can last up 18 to 24 months.

The postsurgical care instructions provided below are to help patients with their surgery recovery to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. A copy of the postoperative care instructions for corrective jaw surgery can be downloaded from the PDF file within this section.