Pathology and Biopsies

Any suspicious lesion or growth on the face, neck, or in and around the mouth, should be checked out by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon without delay. Lumps and sores or reddish or whitish patches can be signs of cancer. Many times these conditions are pain-free and patients feel there is nothing wrong. Early recognition, intervention and appropriate diagnosis of any lesion are critical. Overlooking them might cause significant problems and morbidity if treated later.

Our center performs a thorough extraoral and intraoral examination which can detect many potential problems and allows the patient to proceed with the indicated therapy. A diagnostic work-up consisting of possible imaging studies and/or labs, followed by a biopsy and then treatment, if need, is always recommended with any suspicious growth. Incisional and excisional biopsies are always performed to ensure that the proper diagnosis is arrived at with any suspicious lesion, and therefore nothing is overlooked or missed.

The specimens removed are always sent to a dual, board-certified oral and general pathologist for a histopathological evaluation. Early detection is our goal since treatment of cancer greatly increases the chance of complete recovery. Treatment of these lesions depends on their condition and presentation, but rest assured appropriate care will be delivered.

Dr. Díaz treats benign and cancerous pathological conditions associated with the maxillofacial region such as cysts, infections and tumors. Reconstructive procedures are sometimes required after eradicating the disease in order to restore functionality and a proper aesthetic look to the area.


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