before anesthesia

Bone Grafting

There are many types of bone grafting procedures which are generally done by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Most bone grafts are performed to reconstruct and restore the missing hard tissue support of the jaws and/or face. Although certain bone grafts have to be done in a hospital because of the nature and location of these grafts, fortunately most of the bone grafts can be generally done in an office setting as outpatient procedures. Those bone grafts performed in Our Center are to either be able to properly place dental implants or to reconstruct lost bone commonly caused by previous extractions, infections and cysts. These grafts are most of the time done as adjunctive procedures in conjunction with or in addition to other procedures (See Bone Grafting Surgery Section under Our Services menu tab.) Postoperative care of the grafts is very important to insure that these grafts integrate adequately and thoroughly, and therefore provide the necessary lost hard tissue foundation.


A copy of both postoperative care instructions for dental bone and sinus elevation grafting procedures can be downloaded from the PDF files listed within this section.