dental extractions

Dental Extraction & Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is important that patients follow instructions closely in order to insure the healing is quick and with no complications. Please understand that these instructions are to assist you to get over the postoperative phase of your extractions with the least amount of pain, trouble and to help you return back to normal quickly. In order to obtain the best outcome possible, we have found throughout the years of experience that if you take just a few minutes to read the instructions well before you undergo the procedure, you will be better prepared to handle almost all issues adequately without much difficulty.

These postoperative instructions will be given to you at your initial consult as well. Although you can expect to have certain things occurring after surgery like some bleeding immediately after surgery and possibly some swelling, most extractions are tolerated very well by most people. A copy of all postoperative care instructions following extractions as well as wisdom teeth removal can be downloaded from the PDF files listed within this section. These are available both in English and in Spanish.