surgical instructions - dental implants

First Visit & Patient Registration

During your first visit to our facility, it is very important that you please make sure you bring a list of all your medical history and conditions, the names of the doctors you see and their telephones, a list of all medications and supplements you are taking, any allergies you might have well as all pertinent insurance information.

You might have already received a registration packet via mail which you should fill prior to your arrival at our office to quickly process your registration in order to be seen at your scheduled appointment time. If you did not previously receive such package information and forms, do not worry one will be given to you for completion when you arrive.

It is vitally important for potential patients to educate themselves in understanding, knowing and realizing the importance of obtaining facts and information about how to choose a surgeon. Patients need to understand that it is imperative to consider asking critical questions when considering the doctor that will perform their surgery or procedure. Any well-trained, reputable and confident surgeon will welcome all patient questions, and will want you to be completely truthful and comfortable with his/her qualifications.


The following questions should be asked about the surgeon’s credentials:

1) What medical/dental school did the surgeon attend?

2) In what disciplines is he/she board certified in?

3) Where and what residency did he/she study?

4) What is the surgeon’s training with regard to the specific cosmetic surgery procedure you are considering?


Remember that a well informed patient will be better able to make more confident and appropriate decision about undergoing any proposed procedure(s).